Terms of Service

This agreement is made and entered between ViCar Parking LLC. and the above named client.

This is a month to month agreement, termination request shall be by written notice of at least (30) days before the end of any monthly agreement period. If the client vacates the premises prior to the expiration hereof or without notice as required by this paragraph, client shall be held liable for any additional payments. Any termination without notice will result in a charge of 225.00 which would cover the cost of a leased space in the parking facility.

Clients will be responsible to return any or all access cards to ViCar Parking LLC. ViCar Parking reserves the right to remove all ViCar decals from clients’ vehicles.

Payment: Client shall pay the agreed upon monthly balance on time with a 3 day grace period to avoid additional fees. This shall be paid each and every month during the duration of the agreement between ViCar Parking LLC. and the above listed client. All Clients must have a credit or debit card on file to maintain service.
Any unpaid or past due payment is considered delinquent. If a payment is delinquent a late fee of 25.00 will be applied on the 4th day and 5.00 each additional day.

ViCar Parking will no longer accept responsibility for any parking violations that occur when the vehicle is in the possession of the client. If a client leaves their vehicle in an illegal parking space or if the vehicle is not up to code with NYS DMV (inspection/registration) ViCar will not take responsibility for these summonses. It is the client’s responsibility to hand off keys to the ViCar valet. If a client leaves their vehicle in a “No Standing” or “No Parking” while awaiting a valet ViCar will not take responsibility for any summonses issued. Valets are permitted to retrieve keys from the doorman/concierge.

ViCar Parking LLC. reserves the right to request a client to clean their vehicles in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. ViCar reserves the right to clean a client’s vehicle if the sanitary conditions raise concerns.

VICar Parking will take full responsibility for any damages that occur while the vehicle is in our possession. Any noted damages that occur outside of ViCar Parking’s possession the client will be liable for.

Valets are no longer permitted to drive for airport reservations. Due to our insurance regulations we apologize for any inconvenience this may impose.

Airport requests must be submitted with a minimum of 72 hours notice. Airport requests can be canceled by ViCar Parking in the event we are short staffed whereas valet is needed to vehicle pickups and drop offs.
Clients are subject to additional charges for services outside of vehicle pick ups and drop offs.
*Price Sheet is available upon request

*Rates are subject to change with notice upon annual garage contract renegotiation

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